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Cozy’s Protected Investing, Provide Protection, and Get Protection features are not yet available in your region and OFAC countries. But join our community on Discord or check out our developer docs to learn more!

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The user represents and warrants that it is an “eligible contract participant,” as that term is defined in Section 1a(18) of the Commodity Exchange Act because such user is (x) a corporation, partnership, proprietorship, organization, trust that has total assets in excess of USD 10,000,000 or (y) an individual that has amounts invested on a discretionary basis, the aggregate of which is in excess of, (i) USD 10,000,000; or (ii) USD 5,000,000 and who enters into the agreement, contract, or transaction solely to manage the risk associated with an asset owned or liability incurred, or reasonably likely to be owned or incurred, by such individual.